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Our Red Wines:

The Lower Austrian Thermenregion is known for the red wines Pinot Noir and St. Laurent. In addition to these two Burgundy wines we also cultivate the well known Zweigelt and Merlot.

All our wines are certified organic by the European Union.



A typical red wine for Austria. The grapes grow within one of the few gravel sight in the northern part of the Thermenregion. Which provids the ideal basis for this full, rich Zweigelt with the typical cherry note. It is aged in oak barrels and continues to gain harmony and density as it matures. The Zweigelt is suitable for aging, but can also be drank young.

Aged in: large wooden barrels

Serving Temperature: 15-18° C

Food Pairings: Pairs well with a variety of dishes, especially lamb, veal, and pork.

Alcohol: 13,0 %

Acidity: 5,6 g/l

Residual Sugar: 2,4 g/l

Shelf Life: bis zu 10 Jahren

Pferschy-Seper_Sankt Laurent

St. Laurent

The origin of St. Laurent is in France. In Austria, its cultivation is limited to Lower Austria and Burgenland. Together with Pinot Noir, St. Laurent is a variety common to the Thermenregion. Light limestone soils provide the perfect ripening conditions. It is one of the first red wines to be harvested each year.

St. Laurent is dark red in color with a slightly sweet scent of ripe berries such as currant and blackberry. The interplay of dark chocolate and fresh sour cherries on the palate lends St. Laurent its perfection.

Aged in: large oak barrels

Serving Temperature: 16-18° C

Food Pairings: Especially suitable for lamb, veal and beef as well as an ideal complement to strong-spicy international dishes and, of course, to game.

Alcohol: 13,5 %

Acidity: 5,4 g/l

Residual Sugar: 3,3 g/l

Shelf Life: bis zu 15 Jahren


Pinot Noir

The Spätburgunder, or French named Pinot Noir, is a significant, high quality grape and is one of the finest red wines in the world.

It is the classic red of the cooler vineyards. The grapes for this wine mature on a sunny hillside of the site “Tatzn” in Guntramsdorf.

Pinot Noir is light in color. The typical fragrance is subtle and remembers of soft fruits such as raspberry and sour cherry.

Aged in: large and small wooden barrels

Serving Temperature: 16-18° C

Food Pairings: Suitable for lamb and veal, but also an ideal complement to strong spicy noodle dishes and game.

Alcohol: 13,5 %

Acidity: 5,3 g/l

Residual Sugar: 1,1 g/l

Shelf Life: bis zu 15 Jahren


Merlot Barrique 

Merlot is originally from the area around Bordeaux, France. The name Merlot comes from the French word merle (German blackbird) and is intended to indicate the blackbirds preference for the red grape. The name can also be an allusion to the beautiful black and blue color of the berries.

The vines for this wine were planted in 2001 and grow on a sunny hillside near Guntramsdorf.

After being matured in a small wooden barrels, the Merlot presents itself as a fruity, full-bodied, red wine with a slight oak note, which has reached its perfect stage of maturity after several years of storage.


Aged in: barrique barrels

Serving Temperature: 16-18° C

Food Pairings: Suitable for lamb, veal and beef. An ideal complement to strong-spicy international dishes as well as wild game.

Alcohol: 14,0 %

Acidity: 5,6 g/l

Residual Sugar: 3,2 g/l

Shelf Life: bis zu 20 Jahren