Rotgipfler 2022

EU BIO Siegel
Drinking Temperature:



13,5 % vol.

Residual Sugar:



5,6 g/l

Shelf live:

15 years


Hand-picked grapes, Viennese forest oak for 6 months, stainless steel

0,75 l € 14.40 per bottle
19,20 per liter
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The Rotgipfler is one of those varieties for which our wine-growing region is known. It received its name thanks to the young shoot tips, which turn reddish in color. The vines find perfect natural conditions here to be able to develop optimally. Soils are rich in lime, lots of sun during the day and cool nights are important. The wonderful potential of the location is also reflected in the wine. The Rotgipfler is a dense and elegant wine, well balanced with a complex structure. It is aged in small oak barrels, the wood comes from the Viennese Woods. Our regional oak is particularly fine-pored, this is the reason why it harmonizes very well with this wine.

Particularly rich and fruity wines grow at the foot of the Anninger near Gumpoldskirchen, where our vineyards are located. The wonderful potential of this area and the maturation in small wooden barrels are reflected in the wine, this can be seen in the perfect balance between fine acidity and the minerality present. Our Rotgipfler can be enjoyed straight away, as well as it is suitable for a long storage.

Great pleasure in small bottles: since the year 2020 we bottled 2 of our most popular varieties (Rotgipfler & Weißburgunder) in 0.375l bottles. These are perfect as a gift, to enjoy alone or as a couple, half a bottle is just the thing!

Recommended to:

Mountain and hard cheese, Asian dishes, fish and seafood

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0,75 l 14,40

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