Zierfandler 2022

EU BIO Siegel
Drinking Temperature:



14,0 % vol.

Residual Sugar:



6,0 g/l

Shelf live:

10 years


Hand-picked grapes, stainless steel, Viennese forest oak

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The Zierfandler is an autochthonous variety of the Thermenregion due to the high requirements to soil and site, it grows only in our region. The variety got its nickname “late red” thanks to the reddish color of the berries, which only occurs when they are fully ripe. This specialty loves lime-rich soils and the best locations facing south, only than the grapes can fully mature.

It is an extract-rich wine with a fruity acidity, very digestible and harmonious, matured in small oak barrels. The oak for the barrels grows in the regional woods, it is particularly fine-pored, for this reason it harmonizes very well with the wine. Our Zierfandler can be enjoyed straight away, but is also suitable for longer storage.

The Austrian Zierfandler should not to be confused with the Californian “Zinfandel”.

Recommended to:

Dumlings filled with “Grammel” accompanied with Sauerkraut, Gratins, Asian cuisine, ripe cheese

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EU BIO Siegel AT-BIO-401
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