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3 years


Hand-picked grapes, stainless steel

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Verjus is made from green, not fully ripe grapes, which at the point of harvest have a very low juice content. Verjus was already known in the Middle Ages and is now being rediscovered. The juice is alcohol-free and low in calories.

It can be used as an alternative to vinegar or lemon, its taste is milder than vinegar and finer than lemon. Verjus is valued wherever a fresh, invigorating acidity without a dominant taste of its own is desired. This specialty tastes good as a soft drink instead of lemonade, as a mixed drink or as a condiment in a salad.

Recommended as:

Aperitif, refreshing summer drink, mixed drinks, condiment in a salad

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BIO certified since 2001

EU BIO Siegel AT-BIO-401
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